Odds and Their Movements

Odds and Their Movements

Odds and Their Movements


Odds, as well as their movements, present a distinctive chance to gauge exactly what the bookie thinks and just how the markets respond to them.

Thinking about the way the bookie always wins in the general betting public over time, it is advisable to piggyback around the bookies’ predictions by thinking about the way they market the chances.

Read the movement from the odds. Study it for a couple of days. Look for large trends a couple of times each day for few days and appearance the chances a final time a couple of hours right before the match.

You are able to tell that the majority of the public are betting on the team once the cost and odds around the team will get less favourable. Be aware of heavy action where odds or prices have big movements.



There are more parties around – big timers with inside understanding, betting syndicates, match-fixers, etc who aren’t always friendly towards the bookie.

Sometimes, the large odd movements come from these parties (less frequently) and never through the betting public. If you notice particularly heavy betting on weak teams, look into the various factors and when you understand there is no reason behind it, be familiar with such ‘big boy’ action happening. Within this situation, be flexible from the betting. That’s bet on individuals teams that are being bet heavily on.

How can you make certain the heavy betting is as simple as these large players knowledgeable? Browse the forums. If everybody there appears to appear at first sight betting on a single team however the betting odds prove that cash has been put alternatively, you will be aware the heavy betting. The bookies have to allow the public win sometimes. You know when? Once the action is low. If you notice little action on popular favourites in the odds movement and also the Asian handicap is fairly high from the favourites, you could bet around the favourites then.

Overall, it’s a very accurate method to predict winners in line with the quantity of winning bets it has created for many pro-bettors.

Keep in mind that mastering this really is something of the art form and takes some time to experience to grasp. Hone your analytical skills and then try to think such as the bookie. This isn’t for each match so just look for unusual activity.

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